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MPR is a strategic, full-service public relations agency headquartered in Riyadh with over 15 years of experience in supporting companies build the right relationships, influence decision making, and advance brand reputation.

Expert communicators. Building deep and lasting media relationships. Total commitment to leading-edge communications technologies. Open and transparent client services and reporting. That’s what accounts for our 15 years of success.







In today’s world , earned , paid , shared , and owned media not only coexist but support, reinforce, and amplify each other . As your partner , our goal
is to understand your business goals and work with you to build and implement the right strategies and tactics to achieve them .
Our PR and marketing programs leverage every tool available to garner the kind of results we’ve become known for


A strong media relations strategy is at the core of MPR’s service offering. From launching new products and services to building and growing brands, our deep understanding of the media — how it works, and their needs and wants — allows us to generate thousands of media appearances each year for our clients. Our account teams have significant experience working with business media, as well as industry trade and vertical publications, broadcast media and online outlets.
Media relations is an integrated part of overall strategic communications plans, not an afterthought. To achieve this, we must first understand our client􀁠s specific business objectives. Second, we identify the target audiences with whom we need and want to communicate. Those two steps allow us to target the most effective media and hone messages appropriately. We also monitor and evaluate our results.
At MPR we have developed warm relations with all media in the region which means our clients achieve excellent representation on a regular basis. All members of our team constantly work on our relationships with the media to strengthen them further.

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Content & Editorial / Articles / social media

For 15 years, MPR has developed compelling content to fuel our clients' narratives and amplify their PR efforts. We develop and execute content plans that help our clients rise above the noise with their key audiences.
Our content team includes former journalists, experts from PR, marketing, as well as social media specialists who work together to generate engaging ideas, interesting content and identifying effective distribution channels.
Content is KING! That is a definite when it comes to social media. We believe in creating exclusive content for the digital platforms we manage in Arabic and English. The content would be a multimedia mix once we understand the target audience and objective of your business. Also, we develop digital media strategies that work alongside regional communication campaigns.

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Content Creation, development & Marketing

Content creation is at the heart of everything we do and our team creates engaging and innovative content to drive your brand and reach your target customers. And while traditional PR content – press releases, op-eds, briefings, reports, or otherwise – is a core skill, we have experts in our team who produce explainer video scripts, social media content and Blog writing, online editorial and articles, Info graphics, eBooks, Annual reports.
We offer a full suite of editorial and content marketing services and will develop a strategy to maximize the development and use of original content to drive all aspects of your organization's communications efforts – from marketing and social media to PR, sales and new business development.

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Digital PR & Storytelling

Digital PR employs the same practices that traditional PR always has– communication, relationship building and creative thinking etc. However, the key difference is who you target and the tactics you use to get their attention. Traditional PR tends to target print and broadcast press (and sometimes their online equivalents). Digital PR also targets these, alongside many other online avenues including bloggers, viral videos, social influencers and forums where relevant without the need for traditional journalistic support.

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Industry Leadership

A company’s positioning within the competitive landscape is critical, especially from a media and marketing perspective. We work with our clients to identify key executives and spokespersons to transform them into thought leaders with strong opinions on the topics that matter most to the business and the industry at large.

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Influencer Management

An influencer has the ability to change behaviors or impact purchase decisions in a given context. Influencers are the experts in a category and therefore have the most loyal and engaged following. This is why getting them to interact, engage and talk about your brand will have the greatest impact on your marketing and PR efforts. We introduce brands to relevant influencers to create meaningful connections and build credible, third-party endorsement.

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Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a newer marketing trend where business leaders and companies position themselves as leaders in their spaces, and it serves as an essential component of any marketing communications campaign. We believe in having several PR Routes rather than just releasing press releases. In order to position our clients as leaders within their field, we integrate the right mix of communications tools including blogs, Editorial, op-eds and speaking opportunities and awards to leverage their experience, insight and understanding and convert it to tangible market value.

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Event Management

We organize events in the region such as media round tables, media Briefings, product launches, conferences and offer PR support for trade shows and exhibitions. Sourcing venues, guets list management, sponsorship, supplier liaison and logistics & operations management are just a fraction of the services that we provide to the most diverse and engaging events across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Sponsorship Activation Marketing

Maximize impact, engagement, exposure and ROI of your sponsorships. We take on the role of liaison between our clients and event organizers and manage all logistics to participate in the event as well as monitor media proactively and identify opportunities for our clients. MPR offers a full range of sponsorship services covering entire lifecycle, including: Sponsorship strategy, Research and identification of potential Partnerships, Negotiating and coordinating event sponsorships, PR and Communications, manage all required event staffing including reception and registration and other logistics needed.

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Crisis Communications

An unexpected issue can be daunting and damaging. Demonstrating leadership during a crisis is critical, and how the situation is handled can often be as important to your reputation as the issue itself. We can advise you how to control and manage the media quickly and effectively to ensure reputational damage is minimized. Protect your brand`s reputation through proactive crisis planning combined with expeditious advocacy, communications response and execution.

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Media Coaching

Many of us have asked ourselves at one point, “what exactly is media training?”

“Does this mean I would be trained to communicate on camera like a professional leader?” When we are asked this question, we tell them, “We coach you to be comfortable, peaceful, and concise about your message on camera.”  MPR is a Leader in Media training, having trained many of prominent significant leaders and organizations, over the last 12 years. Our trainers have conducted numerous media coaching combined. We handpick the most competent media trainers to help you look their best and get your company’s message into the final story.

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Public Speaking & Special Situations

Public Speaking`
If you've been asked to give a public speech, you may wonder,

what is public speaking and why is public speaking noteworthy?  Those questions are quite logical if you've never thought much about public speaking before. MPR is a Leader in public speaking training, having trained many of prominent significant figures, over the last 12 years, and our team over 20 years of coaching. Our skilled team have conducted numerous public speaking training session. We handpick the most competent skilled people to support you convey the right story and message.

Special Situations Our experts have decades of experience preparing for and managing the entire spectrum of special situations for our clients. With the right counsel, any organization can turn a special situation into an opportunity to position itself as an industry leader.

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Define the marketing
challenge/objectives .

Set out strategy and
timing plans that are
realistic and achievable
for all

Sound out media and
target audience through
research .

Conduct media training
and messaging
workshops if required or
jointly identified .

Implement plans through
media , defined target
audiences and or
channel /partners .

Put in place
measurement tools .

Co-ordinate other
marketing activity
through strategic
partners in creative
and research .



Our clients have Great Success Stories. We make sure the right audiences know it.



“MPR played a vital role in positioning Maskan brand in the real estate development market. They are serious when it comes to delivering on time . MPR would be the PR agency of choice to partner with .”



“We have been working with MPR since 2011. They have been instrumental in allowing us to evolve our PR strategy to aim specific sectors and markets .”

Marwen Ben Brahem

Communications Manager, Swicorp

“I’ve dealt with MPR and will continue to deal with them due to the commitment and quality of work shown by them.
They have a very enthusiastic and skilled team whom always honor their promises. I highly recommend working with them; they would make your life easier!”

Eng. Abdulraheem Al-Towairji

CEO of Mizat Company

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