Riyadh 19 July, 2023:

Theeb Rent a Car announced a launching ceremony for the luxurious Lucid Air car, the first fully electric car to be owned by the Public Investment Fund. The ceremony will take place at the Company’s headquarters in Riyadh on Tuesday, July 18, 2023. The car will join the car fleet available to the Company’s customers.

Theeb Rent a Car’s launch of Lucid Air at its headquarters in Riyadh comes after the Company has provided it with all the logistical support, such as electric stations and docks for charging. The Company has confirmed in a statement it released today that it is the first car rental company to include Lucid Air in its fleet, noting that the launching ceremony will have the members and personnel of the Transport General Authority and the Personnel of Lucid Motors present. Moreover, a number of elite businessmen, public figures, and concerned parties will also be present.

“We are proud to be the first car rental in The Kingdom to launch the electric car, Lucid Air,” said Mr. Naif Altheeb, commenting on the occasion. “We are aiming at meeting the increasing demand for electric cars. Also, by doing this, we encourage using clean energy and preventing environmental pollution.”

Mr. Altheeb has confirmed that Lucid Air joining the car fleet at Theeb Rent a Car is a quantum leap in the Company’s business field and a big addition to the service level provided to “our customers,” who are our top priority. He also noted that a number of electric charging docks are available in a number of the company’s branches, according to the latest cutting-edge technological standards. Mr. Altheeb has confirmed that this step is in support of the local industries as well, considering that the Public Investment Fund owns this luxury car.

In turn, Eng. Fawaz Al-Sahli, Vice President of the Transport General Authority – Organizational Sector, has praised the step that Theeb Rent a Car took concerning launching Lucid Air cars. He has described it as an important step that will encourage the Saudi industries, pointing out that the Authority is aiming at adopting modern transport technologies and motivating society to use these technologies, and carrying out studies and experiments to make sure these technologies are fit for use inside The Kingdom. This is one of the targets the Authority works on within the national strategy for transport and logistic services via many programs, in addition to sponsoring the initiatives it implements in cooperation with its partners from the private sector.

Eng. Al-Sahli has pointed out that this initiative is considered one of the innovative, clean solutions that allows for new opportunities to achieve environmental sustainability, improve the quality of life, promote using clean energy, and encourage using electric cars as an environment-friendly choice, all with the aim to adopt clean energy in cars and reduce their carbon emissions, which in turn will promote environmental protection and also achieve a target of the national strategy for transport and logistic services. This target aims at increasing electric car usage to 25% of new cars in The Kingdom by 2030.

He has pointed out that this partnership between Lucid Motors and Theeb Rent a Car is the fourth partnership to be sponsored by the Authority, and it is one of a series of agreements supported by the Authority during the 2nd quarter of the current year, 2023.

Theeb Car Rental is one of the most distinguished companies in the Kingdom and the region in the car rental sector. Its experience and leadership have qualified it to obtain a large set of certificates locally and abroad. The Company provides a wide variety of car rental solutions and services, including long-term and short-term car rentals. It also has a wide base of customers from various segments, sectors, and individuals. The Company enjoys an extensive experience of more than 30 years, as it first launched its car rental business in 1991, bringing the total number of its branches to 56, 14 of which are in international and regional airports. Its fleet also exceeds 27,000 cars.