Theeb Rent a Car has confirmed its eagerness to renew obtaining the international ISO 9001 Certificate for Quality Management Standards during this year, 2023, which the Company has obtained deservedly in past years. This comes from the general framework of the Company’s strategy concerning continuing excellence in improving work quality, and also the Company’s eagerness to keep up with the international quality systems related to management and operation; in order for the Company to continue sustainably providing customers, individuals, and companies alike, with its remarkable services.
ISO 9001 Certificate is dedicated to Quality Management Standards. Obtaining this Certificate has helped the Company continue meeting its customers’ need more efficiently through better management of resources and motivating employees to more effectively raise their level of performance. This, in turn, led to a significant contribution to raising all levels of service, through the Company’s compliance and its implementation of the internationally accepted standards regarding this matter.

Commenting on that, Mr. Naif Altheeb, the CEO of Theeb Rent a Car, said, “We, in Theeb Rent a Car, are very keen on keeping up with the latest editions of the international standards related to the Company’s work and its implementation. This is in complete compliance on our part with providing the best premium services to all of the Company’s customers in accordance with the highest quality and most accurate standards. This includes full coordination between different managements and departments in the Company, which is reflected positively in increasing the pace of efficiency of performance and excellence in the various branches and management of the Company. Thus, this helps to promote the quality and optimization of the services in general, which the Company is eager to make sustainable.”

Mr. Naif Altheeb pointed out in his speech that Theeb Rent a Car was eager to always continue obtaining this international certificate and other international, regional, and worldwide recognized certificates. This comes from the Company’s eligibility to obtain these certificates due to its leadership in the long-term and short-term car rental sector for all different sectors and segments of the community, which has qualified it to continue deservedly obtaining the highest-level international and regional certificates.

Theeb Rent a Car is considered one of the most distinguished companies in both the Kingdom and the region in the car rental sector. Its experience and leadership have qualified it to obtain a sizeable collection of certificates locally and abroad. The Company provides a wide range of car rental solutions and services, via long-term and short-term car rental. It also has a wide base of customers from various segments, sectors, and individuals. The Company enjoys an extensive experience of more than 33 years, as it first launched its car rental business in 1991, bringing the total number of its branches to 56, 14 of which are in international and regional airports. Its fleet also exceeds 26.000 cars.