Riyadh: 29 October 2023: Dallah Al Nakheel Hospital in Riyadh won the Most Innovative Emergency Award 2023 in Saudi Arabia due to the distinction of the hospital’s emergency department in providing emergency care services in innovative, fast, and distinguished ways under the supervision of specialized doctors, and using the latest equipment, according to global standards.

It is worth noting that the emergency department at Dallah Al Nakheel Hospital is one of the largest emergency departments. It is a specialized emergency department that includes adult emergency departments (men and women), pediatric emergencies, obstetrics and gynecology emergencies, support laboratory and radiology departments, cardiac catheterization departments, and the rest of the hospital departments. Its specialized centers are available 24 hours a day.

The department is managed and supervised by specialized emergency doctors, surgical doctors, internal medicine, children and women, obstetricians, and nursing staff trained to deal with all types of emergencies and accidents.

The emergency department has been designed with its specialized various departments in a way that ensures easy admission and movement of the patient within the department, in addition, The emergency department’s relationship with radiology departments, operating departments, maternity departments, intensive care units, and cardiac catheterization has been taken into account in a way that facilitates the patient’s access to these departments. Ensure the provision of emergency medical services as quickly as possible. In addition, the department has been provided with the latest examination, monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment equipment to ensure that the patient is served in the emergency department in the best way. This comes out of the keenness of Dallah Health Company and the management of Dallah Al Nakheel Hospital to provide Integrated and comprehensive health care for patients while adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Commenting on winning the award, the head doctor of the Emergency Department confirmed his pride in winning this award and stated that this victory is not surprising given the high efficiency of this department in providing emergency medical services under the supervision of specialized medical, nursing, and technical teams, at the highest level, in addition to its excellent design that takes into account a high-quality experience for patients and their families, as well as its advanced equipment with everything an emergency patient needs.