Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Dallah Namar, a leading healthcare provider in Saudi Arabia, has proudly announced the adoption of the latest technology in minimally invasive laser treatment, marking a significant advancement in medical procedures for Pilonidal sinus, Hemorrhoids, and anal fistula.

This cutting-edge laser technique is hailed as the most substantial progress in the field over the past decade. It offers patients an easy, painless, and rapid treatment option with highly effective and enduring results. Remarkably, this procedure enables patients to resume their regular work and daily activities on the same day of treatment.

To date, a number of patients have undergone this innovative treatment at Dallah Health facilities, demonstrating rapid recovery and exceptional success rates compared to traditional surgical methods. The treatments include:

  • Laser Hemorrhoid Treatment: This method involves using a laser beam to treat hemorrhoids effectively, without incisions or damage to the anal epithelium.
  • Laser Treatment for Pilonidal Sinus: This minimally invasive procedure is the optimal solution for healing the sinus tract while preserving the surrounding skin, ensuring a shorter hospital stay, reduced pain, and the best cosmetic outcomes.
  • Anal Fistula Laser Closure: Targeting the eradication of the fistula tract, this technique preserves the sphincter muscle, offering a minimally invasive approach to remove the anal fistula tract while keeping the skin and muscle intact.

Bringing this advanced laser technology to Dallah Namar represents a monumental leap in our commitment to patient-centered care,” stated Dr. Syed Nasir Zulfigar, General Surgery Consultant at Dallah Namar overseeing the new laser treatments. “Our aim has always been to provide treatments that are not only effective but also enhance the quality of life for our patients. With this minimally invasive laser technique, we are seeing patients recover faster, experience less discomfort, and return to their daily lives almost immediately, which is a significant improvement over traditional methods. This innovation is not just about advanced technology; it’s about changing lives for the better.”

Through its six hospitals and 3,000 employees in Saudi Arabia, Dallah Health serves more than 1.5 million patients annually, providing more than 900 beds and 500 outpatient clinics that set the standard for quality care across a wide range of disciplines and specialities.