Riyadh: 11 June 2023: A medical team in the Department of Urology and Venereal Diseases at Dallah Hospital Namar in Riyadh succeeded in performing a precise and qualitative hormonal fertilization (hormonal treatment) operation for a couple who had stopped having children for 13 years. Thanks to Allah, the couple had a new baby after the operation. The medical team that performed the operation made praiseworthy efforts, under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Badr Muhammad Al-Basatini, Senior Resident Doctor of Urology and Head of the Urology and Reproductive Surgery Department at Dallah Hospital Namar.

Dr. Muhammad Badr Muhammad Al-Basatini stated, “With the assistance and grace of Allah, we were able, at Dallah Hospital Namar in Riyadh, to conduct a successful qualitative hormonal treatment for a couple who had been suffering from delayed childbearing for a period of more than 13 years, although the mother had already had two children, the youngest of whom is 14 years old.”

Dr. Al-Basatini said that the couple came to the hospital after they had consulted more than one medical authority. Thanks to the efficiency of the medical team that operated, the hospital was able to carry out the necessary procedure, with extreme precision, which resulted in a healthy and well-born baby. He added that the couple visited the hospital a few days ago, for a baby circumcision procedure. The necessary procedure was carried out for the newborn, who is a blessing to the couple, who suffered severely for nearly a decade and a half.

Dr. Al-Basatini continued, “The couple visited more than one hospital specializing in women, childbirth, and fertility, as the husband was suffering from testicular regression and a lack of testicular efficiency in producing an appropriate number of sperm, in addition to weakness in sperm movement, with a high percentage of deformities. All these reasons led to a poor chance of conceiving for the couple over the past 13 years.”

He pointed out that after conducting an accurate diagnosis of the husband, performing laboratory tests and accurate x-rays, and based on the results of a proper diagnosis of the condition and prescribing the appropriate hormonal treatment, the wife became pregnant and after suffering for more than 13 years, during which they almost lost hope, had it not been for their great trust and faith in Allah, the Almighty. They expressed their confidence in the medical team that performed the successful operation.

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