Riyadh: 05 October 2023: Theeb Rent A Car Company participated in the launch of the Lucid  Motors factory in King Abdullah Economic City in the Western Region, as the company’s second factory in the world, after its first factory in the American state of Arizona, where Theeb Rent A Car will receive the first batch of Lucid cars, After completing its manufacturing procedures in Saudi Arabia, it will join its fleet as the first Saudi rental company to launch this type of fully electric car.

On this occasion, the CEO of Theeb Rent A Car Company, Mr. Naif bin Mohammed Al-Theeb, emphasized that the company has prepared all logistical and technical procedures to receive Lucid cars that will be assembled in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to join the company’s electric car fleet, as the fleet of electric cars was launched in July 2023.

The CEO of Theeb Rent A Car Company, Mr. Naif Al-Theeb, said:

“This achievement is a fundamental turning point that contributes to the development and strengthening of the Saudi economy, and reflects the spirit of innovation and progress that characterizes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are proud and honored to launch the first Saudi-made fleet of cars, This reflects the commitment of Theeb Rent A Car Company to support the local industry, as well as its contribution to the promotion and development of Manufacturing capabilities in the Kingdom”. Pointing out that this achievement is considered a support for innovation and sustainability and enhances the competitiveness of the automotive sector in the Kingdom, in general, in addition to contributing to strengthening the local economy, by supporting local industries that have become a dream come true for us in the field of cars.

 For his part, Mr. Peter Rawlinson, CEO of Lucid Motors, said on the occasion of the launch of Lucid’s car factory in the Kingdom:

“The launch of the factory comes under our strategy to promote local industries, which represents a qualitative shift in the use of clean energy, promoted by the Public Investment Fund, as this type of car is fully electric and supports the use of clean energy in a sustainable manner.”

Peter explained that the factory is looking forward to raising its production of these cars sequentially, due to the growing demand for electric cars, noting that it has many advantages, most notably energy savings, environmental preservation, low economic costs, and even rare breakdowns. In addition, maintenance is less cost-effective as well as safer and easier to use.

Theeb Rent A Car is one of the most prominent companies across the Kingdom and the region in the car rental sector, as its experience and leadership have enabled it to obtain a wide range of certificates locally and abroad.

The company offers a wide range of car rental solutions and services through long and short-term rental, and it has a wide base of customers from different categories, sectors, and individuals.

The company has accumulated experience extending for more than 30 years, as its business in the field of car rental began in 1991, reaching 56 branches,14 at international and regional airports, and with a fleet of more than 27 thousand cars.