Riyadh: December 10, 2023: Theeb Rent a Car Co, in cooperation with Juffali Automotive Company, the exclusive agent for Mercedes-Benz in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, announced the launch of its fleet of new cars for 2024, the C200, CLA, and S450, the latest models of Mercedes-Benz cars in global markets.

The agreement was signed by the CEO of “Theeb Rent a Car Co”, Mr. Naif Mohammed Al-Theeb, at the company’s headquarters in Riyadh. On the other side, it was signed by the “Juffali Automotive Company” by Mr. Genghis Khan, the CEO of the company, in the presence of a large number of members of the Board of Directors of parties and the relevant authorities, as cars are currently available for rental at the company’s branches.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Naif Mohammed Al-Theeb said: “Theeb Rent a Car  is accustomed, continuously and annually, to working on modernizing its fleet and providing its various branch  groups with the latest international models of luxury cars of various types, and now we are launching the latest types of Mercedes-Benz for 2024, which has global specifications and standards, in terms of technology and luxurious designs, thus representing a great addition to the fleet of cars in our company.”

Mr. Al-Theeb praised the close and developing cooperation day after day between “Theeb Rent a Car Co” and “Juffali Automotive Company”, which extends for three decades, and he expressed the company’s desire to continue this cooperation, due to the global reputation that Mercedes-Benz cars have, it’s considered a source of trust for all parties that deal with them, in the Kingdom and the region.

For his part, Mr. Genghis Khan from “Juffali Automotive Company” said that the company enjoys wide partnerships across the Kingdom and the region, but the partnership with “Theeb Rent a Car” is considered one of the most important strategic partnerships that we are proud of. He explained that the fleet of S450, C200, and CLA cars is considered one of the latest and most luxurious types of elegant Mercedes-Benz cars, which have exceptional specifications in terms of design and high technical options, in addition to the latest safety systems. It is an icon of Mercedes cars, and he expressed his happiness with the close relationship between the two companies.

Theeb Rent a Car Co, is one of the leading companies across the Kingdom and the region in the car rental sector, as its experience and leadership have qualified it to obtain a wide range of certificates locally and abroad. The company has a wide range of car rental solutions and services through long and short-term rental and has a wide base of customers from different categories, sectors and individuals. The company has accumulated experience spanning more than 30 years, as it launched its business in the sector of car rental in 1991, and the number of its branches now reaches 56, 14 of which are in international and regional airports, and it owns a fleet of more than 30,000 vehicles.